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Everyone in the world knows the one sure fire way to demand immediate respect from your friends and work colleagues is to grow a kick ass moustache. The moustache has been a symbol of masculinity since the dawn of time and it’s every man’s duty, nay privilege, to at some point during their insignificant lives, unleash the incredible power of the moustache. To joyously allow the once shy and timid hair that adorns the top lip to grow without fear of clippers or razor, to look destiny right in the stache and say LETS GET HAIRY. 

That time is now, every year more and more men are snatching the opportunity to free the follicles and grow a moustache in support of Movember. Last year in the UK alone The Movember Foundation made an incredible £6.8 Million for Cancer Research and Prostate Cancer UK.

So not only is this campaign raising funds for a great cause but it’s helping the sometimes closed off male community discuss Cancer. Too many men don’t talk and don’t take action and its costing lives. This is your chance to spread the word. But with great mo power comes great responsibility. You can’t just go picking any stache style willy nilly, somebody could get hurt. Chisel Tree have got your back, below are our top stache styles for 2016. You may have heard them called other names in the past but Mo’s go by many names. And these are ours: 


1. The Hairless Wonder– Looks like a small caterpillar is attempting to make its way across your face. Looks like you forgot to shave for a day even though you’ve been trying for nearly a month. A mo pro can squeeze one of these bad boys out in about 20 minutes but we’ve all got to start somewhere. 

2. The Ron Burgundy – perfect Mo for a beginner, nothing too fancy, subtle, stylish easy to maintain but will make you look like kind of a big deal. 

3. The Poirot – delicate and elegant, this little baby takes time, dedication and a hell of a lot of wax, you’ve got to be careful because this one can be slapped right off your face and onto a passerby if you’re not careful. 

4. The Colonel – In the Library, with one hell of a moustache. This one can stop a charging rhinoceros at 300 yards. You’ll have to part it like curtains if you want to eat with a spoon.

5. The Truck Stop – accessorize with shades and a cap if you want people to think you’ve killed someone in a bar fight.

6. The Walrus – The undisputed king of the jungle, don’t be surprised if when you shave it there’s tusks forming underneath. 


7. The Magnum- under no circumstances should this be attempted by a beginner, you have no idea the powers that you are meddling with. Turn back now.

So there you have it, Chiseltree's top stache styles for this Movember. And what goes better with the ultimate stache than the ultimate watch to finish off the look. So whether its your BF, bro, unlce Pops or bestie, show your repsect for the men in your life that rock a kick ass Mo and support this amazing cause.Theres no better way than with a chisletree watch, complete with your chosen message. How about your're MO-mazing (ok thats too far) but really any message you want engraved onto one of our wooden watch Chiseltree will make it happen! Check out our bestsellers here.



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