ChiselTree's Halloween Costume Drama 2016

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Our colonial cousins from across the pond have a lot to answer for, every year Halloween sinks it’s fangs into the delicious exposed neck of Great Britain and sooner or later we’ll have fully turned. We’ll be just like them.

No longer are the kids satisfied with carving a turnip because you left it too late nor is it ok to cut two holes in a bed sheet and claim you’re a ghost. No, times have changed and it’s time to step up to the plate. You need to show that dude who always turns up to your sister’s parties dressed as one of those blue guys from Avatar or something that you can compete.

Chisel Tree have the answer, Our mad scientists have been working away in the laboratory on an algorithm that can supply you with the perfect costume idea, and it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!
All you need to do is pick the first letter of your name and your birth month and your spooktacular costume will be revealed:
Choose Your Initial  Choose Your Birth Month
A – Undead  N – Homeless January – Cowboy
B- drunk O– Billionaire February – Pikachu
C- bloody P – French March – Werewolf
D - Sexy Q – posh April - Harambe
E – Sweaty R – sailor May – Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars
F – Headless S – oily June- Blue Guy from Avatar or something
G – Ginger T – Murderous July – Donald Trump
H – Gangsta U – Toilet paper August- Vampire Bat
I–  Pirate V – Mexican September – Toilet
J – Confused W – Fake tan October – Mummy
K – Bald X – Vicious November – Kim Kardashian
L– Baby Y – Duct tape December – Santa Clause
M – Monstrous Z - Hairy


P.S If you'd rather not spend your hard earned cash on getting in the supplies to make your homemade headless Harambe costume.... Rope someone else into doing the trick or treating with the kids and get some christmas shopping sorted instead. Check out our awesome new Gift Inspo collection which is full of our signature wooden watch designs engraved with meaningful messages that will have you firmly placed at the top of the 'best gift' leader board this Christmas! 



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